Why check voltage readings and fuses

by | Mar 14, 2019

It is important to regular service and inspect your Hawaii commercial PV system to ensure it is properly functioning.  Often times, the string fuses can blow resulting in significant under production.  1 string will have between 5-15 panels on it, so if the fuse blows you lose the production from all of those panels.  

When Hawaii PV Partners performs our inspection services, we typically find between 2-10 blown string fuses depending on the system size.  10 blown fuses could be the equivalent of 150 PV panels on the roof doing nothing.  You paid for them, but they are not producing any power for you at all.

PV parts do fail, we will find and repair them for you.

DC Voltage readings

Even if the fuses are good, the MC4 connectors that connect panels together can melt, causing the string to fail.  Although less common, we do frequently find melted connectors which also eliminates the entire strings production.  

How can you ensure your system is producing to it’s full capacity?   Sign up for one of our service maintenance agreements today.

Hawaii PV Partners offers commercial PV system repair, service, maintenance, monitoring and panel cleaning.  Our prices are very affordable, and often times the problems we find and repair pays for the cost of the service……..

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Maintaining your PV system is the best way to ensure your system is producing to it’s full potential.   Contact us today at 808-306-7873 for a free service maintenance agreement quote for your Hawaii PV System.

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